Frederiksberg park


Emily Hanssen Arent says that:

Many Danes will tell you that it’s more appropriate to say “if” and not “when” when referring to the approach of Danish summer. Some summers are cool and drizzly, while others offer weeks of uninterrupted sunshine. Despite this, the Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, and with good reason; They do not have high expectations about anything, so when good things happen, they’re always pleasantly surprised.

She goes on to 8 rather enjoyable things to do on those rare days of pleasant weather (most of which I am proud to say I have tried out). I, however, have one more to add.

If you find yourself in Copenhagen, and it happens to be a hot, sunny day, and you cannot think of anything else to do… grab a few friends, go to the store and buy a few bottles of red wine, or a few crates of beer depending on who you’re going with, some snacks, sunglasses and topics to keep you entertained, head over to Frederiksberg Have, find a place out on the grass (do not hide away in the shade), throw out one of those cheap fleece blankets from Ikea, and enjoy!

I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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