The Botanical Gardens

In the centre of the city, not even a 5 minute walk from Nørreport Station, lie the Botanical Gardens, one of my favourite spots in the city. The best thing about the gardens? Once you enter the gates (free admission) the city fades away into the background. You feel as if you are miles from the every-day hustle and bustle, and of course the constant noise.

According to their homepage, the Gardens have three major features:

The Botanical Garden Houses, which contain the largest collection of living plants in Denmark, as well as a seed and gene bank.

The Botanical Museum, home to Denmark’s largest collections of dried plants and fungi.

The Botanical Library, containing the largest collection of botanical literature in Denmark, is a part of the public library service.

Personally, I tend to merely glance at the buildings as I walk past them enjoying the actual gardens. The hidden paths, the rock gardens, the statues, the lake, the lilies, and the ducks… these simple pleasures keep me entertained for hours. At some point I may be able to pull myself away from them and enter the other attractions located in the Botanical Gardens, just to be able to say I did, and show you what they have to offer.

Until then, for any nature lovers, I hope you enjoy what I absolutely love about the gardens… and be prepared for lots and lots of pictures as I got carried away, but only ever so slightly….


Just a few of the beautiful statues hidden around the Gardens. Very entertaining to see how many people blush when they walk past some of them….

Now for some of the buildings within the gardens, and some that peak through from the surrounding city…


Above: A quick peak of Rosenborg, which is, incidentally, right across the street, but more on that beautiful palace soon.

Below: A view of the observatory at the top of the hill… sadly it is closed to the public…





And now the largest winter garden I have ever seen…. The Botanical Garden Houses, the home to many rare and exotic plants. Sadly from outside you only get a hint at what lies inside, and so if you want to see more you would have to go there and visit, I can give you a tour myself, or you can wait and hope that one day I will be able to pull myself away from the outdoor gardens for long enough to find my way in and take the usual ridiculous amount of pictures…





And now…. Prepare yourselves for…. An onslaught of beautiful, flowery goodness…. Enjoy! 🙂






A beautiful path, but we are more Road-Not-Taken kind of people, and we found one:


The Road not Taken – Robert Frost

Well… we took it, and were close to having to go on all fours to get through the growth in some parts, but we discovered some absolutely beautiful, and very well hidden features.



The view from above, once we escaped the brush…




And now for some flowers…





These two (above and below) are my absolute favorites. They turned out beautifully. I’m not sure what the first ones were, but those below are sweetpea blossoms; vibrant colours, tiny, simple flowers…






And last but definitely not least, for one very special visitor… The beautiful Hydrangeas… Just for you!



And, of course, on your way out you can visit the adorable little flower shop!! This place sells plants that are otherwise close to impossible to find, let alone afford, around the rest of the city…


I hope you enjoyed the pictures, I realized I went somewhat overboard, and so refrained from posting all the pictures from my photo-spree.

I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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