Slim Fingers

Completely by chance, I happened to come across a fabulous band playing on Strøget, between Rådhuspladsen and Gammeltorv, a couple days ago. Today I happened to come across them at a restaurant surrounded by piles on instrument bags and backpacks, waved a hello, complimented them on their last perfomance, and continued on around the city, only to run into them performing spectacularly a couple hours later.

Performing on a wide range of instruments, Slim Fingers play something that I, personally, have yet to encounter elsewhere. A fascinating Funk/Jazz/Blues band from Uppsala, formed June 2010.

If you have the chance, you should definately check these guys out whillst they remain in Copenhagen after their tourbus broke down in Sweden (The sign propped up in front of the guys each time explained how that since their tourbus broke down, they had been touring by foot. They ask pedestrians to stay and listen a while, and then humbly ask for donations for trainrides. My company and myself saw first hand how greatly even the smallest of donations were appreciated!)

Here are, as per usual, a whole load of pictures from both performances… Enjoy!


Sadly I could only get one decent picture the first time I saw them… was rushed away by my company feeling unwell… I did, however, get plenty of the second performance:








A special thanks for the amazing performances guys, good luck on the rest of your tour and in the future, and hopefully this post brings out a few more fans to see you.

You can hear some of their songs on their Facebook Page, though I must say the experience is much better if you see them live…


I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


One thought on “Slim Fingers

  1. I feel truly sorry for these guys but I am glad to see they are getting help along the way!!


    British Columbia,Canada

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