Amager Strand

A day at the beach is absolutely possible here, all year round even! We are on an island afterall…

The nicest beach I’ve found, you’ll find close to the metro station Øresund St. The fourth stop from Copenhagen Airport, and the fifth from Nørreport St.

From the metro station, head right and go straight, you can’t miss it.

Now Amager Strand is not your average beach… You walk through what seems like a somewhat worse for wear park, often filled with people celebrating something or other with BBQs or picnics. After that there is what looks like a wide river, usually reserved for children and windsurfers.



As you can see in the next two, after this strip of shallow water is an island… here the sandy beaches begin.



After the park area, you cross a bridge to the island, and to the left you’ll find a small beach, usually filled with families with very young children:


Now this beach does not have the stereotypical fine sand, it is rather coarse, and absolutely beautiful. It looks like tiny crystals and gems up close:


Do not let this scare you away though, this is just a close-up, it is actually quite close to fine sand 🙂

After you pass this strange yet wonderfully abstract building (which contains showers and an ice cream shop)…..


You get to see this to your left:




Front and center you will find Helgoland. They have separate nudist areas, and platforms and arena-type steps to enjoy the sun for those who would rather not lie on the beach itself.



And of course, to your right, you have the real beaches!





My explanation of how the beaches are set up may seem somewhat confusing. The main picture on the Amagerstrand website shows a birds-eye view of how the beaches look, just to get an idea. The area I have shown you here is at the far end (the top) of that picture.

Well… there you have it, summer actually really truely does exists here, even if it is just for a couple weeks, we do have it. Enjoy your summer, where ever you may be!

I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


One thought on “Amager Strand

  1. That is awesome!! here in British Columbia Canada a beach is as close as a 20 – 30 minute drive to a beach or lake suited for swimming. I love the pic of the sand and the awesome building.


    Vancouver BC Canada

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