Scandinavian Soap Factory

Most people tend to stick to specific places for their various cosmetics, even men have their preferred brands; Supermarket for that fruity shampoo, duty free for that heavenly perfume, hairdye from the pharmacy…

When it comes to soaps and body butters, I have noticed that people tend to sway more towards The Body Shop and Lush. Now, personally, I adore Lush, but sadly there isn’t one here. The Body Shop I have several issues with… A great alternative to these places, if you feel like trying something new and different either for yourself or as a gift, is the Scandinavian Soap Factory.

Originally Swedish, they have a beautiful shop right here in Copenhagen.



Their soaps are all natural products. Made with various oils such as almond, palm, coconut, sunflower and jacoba oils, as well as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The soap bars are beautifully decorated, coloured naturally with beetroot, curcumin and mica, or natural food colourings, and made with natural essential oils to create aromatic creations that are so beautiful it’s almost a shame to use them. Yes, I have gone a little crazy in this shop on more than one occasion, and therefore can say with absolute certainty that the service is lovely, the shop gorgeous, and the products excellent even for those of us with sensitive or damaged skin. The Aloe Vera helps the skin to heal, the Vitamin E strengthens it and the oils moisturise and make your skin lovely, smooth and shiney…



Displayed like treats in a Patisserie…



The Scandinavian Soap Factory also provides heavenly lemon and orange liquid soaps, as well as small bars of soap (for guests):


And then they have these gorgeous little cupcake soaps as gifts, I adore those… along with several different shaped soaps:





Boxes displaying different bath salts stand near the back of the store. These are highly aromatic and therefore should be used in small quantities, this way they also last longer.Made of salt from the Dead sea, the bath salts are rich in minerals, as well as made with moisturizing glycerin, nourishing aloe vera and natural scents and colours.


Aside from also offering various bathroom accessories, the Scandinavian Soap Factory also supplies body butter. The body butters are completely personalized. You can decide on whether you prefer Acai butter or Shea butter, both completely organic and very good for the skin; as body butter, hand cream, or even lip balsam. After deciding on which butter you prefer, and the amount you would like to have, you can then choose from various oils or scents to make them just the way you like.


I happened to find this shop, completely by chance, when I was wandering around the side streets in the city rather aimlessly, and I have to say it was love at first sight, if such a concept exists. I absolutely had to recommend it to people visiting Copenhagen and eager to bring back a Scandinavian produced gift for a loved one, or as a souvenir, and to those of you who live here and were looking for an alternative to the Body Shop and the local convenience store…


I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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