Christmas in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is very much a Christmas city. I have heard it been said many times, and couldn’t agree more. As early as the first weekend in November, Tuborg releases it’s Christmas Beer and parties celebrating this event are across the city in numerous pubs, bars, restaurants and backyards.

An introduction by the Carlsberg Group: Tuborg Julebryg

Tuborg Julebryg_logo

About 2 weeks later the traditional street lights go up. These line several streets but the most popular ones are the hearts that lead you down Copenhagen’s main streets.


Markets with stands much more traditional than those that now dominate most Christmas markets throughout Europe can be found on various plazas across the city. The most famous are the ones in Nyhavn and, for those who can afford the entry, in Tivoli. Along the main streets, however, are several others, all of which I will show you in the coming 2 weeks before leaving the city for Christmas. As much as I would love to stay here and soak in the Christmas spirit, this time of year is for family and so I will be heading back home and work on articles until my return in February.

Some pictures from my first visit to Copenhagen in 2009: Inside Tivoli






Be sure to experience the Lighting of the Christmas Tree four sundays before Christmas Eve every year, along with the parades leading from Nyhavn to the town square where Santa climbs a firengine ladder to light the tree lights to band music and in full view of many Danes and foreigners alike, all warming their hands around cups of mulled wine and trying to keep their kids’ eyes from falling out.




I will also try, with every post this month, to link you to someone who has written about their experience of the season in Copenhagen. Today’s comes from Brian Spencer, a great account of his adventure and the tree lighting ceremony, which I hope to see and tell you about tomorrow. Please enjoy his article: In Copenhagen, Santa Claus packs a Blowtorch

Wishing you a delightful winter, and happy holidays!!

I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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