Christmas Tree Lighting

Santa (and come on, we all know he’s the real deal, obviously…) takes time out of his busy schedule on the first Advent to parade through Copenhagen to light the large Christmas tree at Rådhuspladsen.

Well, actually he and his misses sit on top on a fire engine and are driven behind the (probably freezing) marching band and the old horse drawn firefighter carts.

It is something amazing to watch, even more so if it is the first day with real snow, and Christmas is in the air.

So, back to how I usually get things done, prepare yourself for an onslaught of Christmassy imagery:

Nyhavn at Christmas:




I must confess… I got caught up in the beauty of Nyhavn in the snow and decided I needed a canal tour (plus I needed to cool off after all the German Glühwein, but more on that at the International Christmas Market).


Proudly showing off their horses, uniforms, and behind me the fire engine. Also behind me, Santa and his missus were talking to children and happily taking their time before the parade started, whillst the marching band stood huddled together and shivering…


And off they went, pulling people out of Nyhavn and leading them through the city.




I think I scored points with the Missus for filming her… so I’m hoping for something special from her under the tree this year!!

Rådhuspladsen gets ready:

I’m not a big crowd person, so I wandered off through the parallel streets and stopping for Glögg at the International Market and a late lunch in the form of a Pølser (Danish red sausage) at Rådhuspladsen to watch as the city square filled with people of all ages. Eventually the parade (joined by a collection of beautiful old fire trucks packed with children) moves into the square and for half an hour leading up to 4 o’clock people lead their children to meet Mr and Mrs Claus, take in the fire trucks and listen to the bands playing (or Wham on the speakers. Can you guess which song?).










Once it is 2 or 3 minutes to 4 (I can keep that straight, can you?), Mr. Claus begins to climb the ladder… People get all jittery and seem to hold their breaths, but considering I was standing on a patch of ice and my hands were frozen from holding the camera, I was nervous for the poor sap too…

This was truely an amazing way to ring in the Christmas season! You have no idea how glad I am that just this once a video I made turned out halfway decent!

Who knows? Maybe I have a future in filming… Nah, hours later and my hands are still sore from the extreme cold.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Whatever you celebrate I wish you a wonderful time with family and friends!


And so, to much applause, Santa descends the ladder and Christmas is offically upon us!


Wishing you all a lovely start into the Christmas season!

I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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