Getting some facts straight…

Being born Danish, but living outside of Denmark can be trying. Especially when you have to explain that yes, you are Danish, but speak little-to-no Danish, and that until you were 19 you had never lived there.

Up until i was about 15, I had never stepped foot in Denmark. I was born in Northern Germany, and whisked away to the Channel Islands, and then again to Spain, Gibraltar, Switzerland…. I’ve lived in so many places and yet have always been the outsider.That has never bothered me as much as how little people know about countries that are not their own… I mean, I had Geography in school, and World History… most people are forced to sit through the same classes…

Well, anyway…

The only times I ever really felt Danish were when I had to explain that Danes (though not me) speak Danish, not Dutch, are not all tall, slim and blonde, and they are definitely. not. Northern Germans….

The amount of times I have had to correct people on the location of Denmark, the native language, the traditions… let’s just say my head was dying for an introduction to a brick wall. I am not very Danish, but my passport still says I am, as do many family traits and traditions, and my surname. So I want to put together a little fact sheet. Some of these points may seem extremely obvious, but trust me when I say I have met at least one person who was shocked to learn some of these things…

Denmark is part of Scandinavia. It is not Norddeutschland, nor is it one of the Netherlands…


Copenhagen, the capital, is not located on the mainland Jutland, it is on Sjælland one of Denmark’s many islands. It was founded as a Viking fishing village in the 10th Century.

Now it is one of the world’s most Eco-friendly cities, with travelling by bicycle being a massive part of the culture.

Denmark’s official language is Danish, not Dutch, not Swedish, not German. Danish. Many Danes may speak English, German, Swedish, Norwegian etc. but that is something else.

However. The Kingdom of Denmark includes the self-governed Greenland and Faroe Islands. Their regional languages being Greenlandic and Faroese, respectively.

We do not use the Euro, we use Danish Krone. And yes, they really do have holes in the middle and hearts on them, allthough the 25 Øre is no longer in use.


Denmark has a constitutional Monarchy. Our queen is Margrethe II.

Our flag, the Dannebrog, has been the same since the early 15th century…


In Denmark it rains 171-188 days of the year, and there is almost always wind. This can be anything between a light wind and extreme storms… It’s a really flat country. The highest point being about 180 meters above see level. On the plus side you can see who’s coming to visit you three days from now.

Carlsberg is Danish. Tuborg is better.


I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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