Café Assistenten

After lacking inspiration for a while, I finally found some today. The snow has been falling steadily all day so that although there is a lot of traffic crawling by, you can’t really hear anything, making this a rather relaxing and beautiful Friday afternoon.

An hour or so of deliberating where to spend the afternoon (the college bar is only open to 1st semester students today) led me to a café in Nørrebro. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I generally tend to avoid Nørrebro unless absolutely necessary. I do love how the various cultures collect and mingle here, and how many different kinds of cafés and alternative shops convene here, but I generally just prefer to go to the city center. Today, however, I felt like doing something different, going out of my comfort zone, enjoying what is right around me (and yes, avoiding the traffic jams heading into the city, and just heading out on foot after being cooped up in class all day).

I was up for just about anything, and so when my friend suggested we check out a place she’s walked past several times and been meaning to try out I figured why not.

Somewhat easy to overlook, Café Assistenten was an unexpected surprise. My first thought (yes, I know, I’m one of those) was that this place seems rather TARDIS-like. It connects to the place next door, goes all the way through to the back of the building, and has a second floor, making it much larger that it seems from out front.


The bakery-like display right when you come in has you instantly crave a fresh croissant with the coffee you’ve been jonesing for all afternoon, or the mouth-watering sandwiches starting at only 25.-, whether you were hungry before or not. The coffees are reasonably priced, which in itself is quite amazing when you’re used to city-center prices, and there are loads to choose from. I seriously have to recommend the Latte Macchiato, if you can tolerate the Danish-strength coffee, or the hot chocolate (sinful… seriously…).


We like window seats, and needed space for all the usual winter gear one is forced to drag around this time of year (coats, scarves, backpacks, skiis to get home…) so we picked the seats at the back of the café with a view of the falling snow in the alley out back, and pleasant view of the cafés goings-on as we are serial-people-watchers. As a bonus for those moments there were no people walking past outside, we had absolutely stunning black and white photos to keep us entertained in our cozy corner.


I definitely recommend this place. The service is quick and pleasant, the coffee fabulous, and the atmosphere simply wonderful. Maybe we’ll cross paths sometime, and if so I’ll happily invite you to one of those chocolate chip cookies you know you shouldn’t have but want to… I know, I’m a terrible influence. At least you can pretend you’re coming for the art exhibitions and not just the coffee…

Here’s to hoping I can keep this up and write about another place soon. I’ll check in soon from beautiful Copenhagen…


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